Monday, 26 May 2008

Cheap Thrills

Now if you're a bit bored at home (or at work!) and you've never been to India, this is a mini-video I made in 2006. Just click on the video link, jump on the bus with me and get a little taste of the experience of travelling on the roads!
If you've been before than for sure you know that the real thing is SO much more exciting or frightening, and that 99% of the time everybody gets out alive.. but not always, I did witness some tragic scenes.. then you wonder, what exactly is life???

Listen to high volume .. it's more impressive.

Love the sound of the engine!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Spring - New beginings

Marianne - Holy festival - March 2008

London early May, and the sun is shining! On such a day I would normally rush to my studio, eager to dab my brushes in thick oil paint or flood my canvases with turpentine to destroy the obvious and let MahaShakti show me the way to the next stage... But this year I do not have my studio having decided to sub-let it for a while and I need to find a way to create!. I'm so glad that I love writing and always wanted to have time to let words unfold from my heart and soul. My last Indian trip this winter was difficult, it is only now upon my return that I realise that it gave me Rust and Gold - learning to let go of all the pain that kept me away from becoming my true Self but also meeting people that became stepping stones along my journey.

Ujjain was one of the key I needed to find in order to unlock more possibilities and point me in directions that I was subconsciously searching for. In such peaceful surroundings on the banks of the Chippra River the true values of life became apparent: simplicity, faith, trust and never letting oneself being caught up in trivial and superficial expectations or ambitions.
I am grateful to those who unknowingly gave me wings and aspirations, but I am learning to be even more grateful to those who blocked my path or stole some of my precious belongings, as sometimes it is only through very hard lessons that one sheds "old skin" in order to be free!

Swamiji during Holy festival 2008

India is calling me again and again... the land of endless possibilities. I must work hard and save for the time being, and maybe realising my dream of moving one day my studio over there?