Saturday, 30 January 2010

The song of a bird

"Everyone wants to understand ART.
Why not try to understand the song of a bird?"

(All photos © Marianne Simonin - 2009)

Friday, 29 January 2010

Red Mars - White Moon


Red is Shakti - White is Shiva

What a beautiful sight tonight in the sky!!

Mars -  a planet with a very powerful influence
(I know as I am strongly affected by it according to my jyotish chart! hence I make a point of paying my respect to the mangala yantra on my shrine every Tuesday)

The Moon - eternally beautiful, enigmatic.

RED Mars + WHITE Moon against BLACK Night

Black - Blue Black - deep Prussian Blue - one of my favourite colour in painting...the colour of Kali!

May this sky be auspcious to all those who took the time to raise their head on this cold wintery night of January.

This is a couple of shots that I tried to take with my broken camera, they are shaky and Mars looks more purple than red... but I still like them!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Secrecy of the womb

This morning I was reading one of my books when a couple of words caught my attention and then became the title of my new poem.  The energy unfolded from within me and I started writing these lignes which I would like to share because we ALL have been there.  If only I could write a poem each morning upon rising!   

Secrecy of the womb
Warm, moist & fragrant is my world,
Legs folded towards my chest
I bathe in the darkness of light,
.......No desires.....
Oh, that mighty Love carrying me
From place to place
From now to next,
I can hear Her voice
The fine tune of Her song
Reaching me from far, far beyond.

Warm, moist & fragrant is my world,
Nothing to see
Nothing to say
Just feeling
That mighty Love carrying me
From place to place
From now to next,
Cradled in Her waters
I feel free
I feel me.

Warm, moist & fragrant is my world,
A soft red glow
All around me,
Legs folded towards my chest
I bathe in the light of darkness
.....No desires, yet.....
The cosmic sound
Her cosmic breath
Keeping me asleep,
Nothing to see
Nothing to say
But I can hear
That moaning sound of ecstasy,
Calling me deeper
& deeper toward Thee,
The throbbing of Her heart
The throbbing of Her pulse
The heat of Her Love,
& warm
Is all I remember,
Mother in Her full power!

Her Love
Licking, kissing
Every inch of me,
Her warm breath
Absorbing me
In the cosmic embrace
And Her mighty power.
Legs folded against my chest,
I cannot see
I cannot say
But I can hear
The fine tune of Her voice
Soothing me.

Dark, mysterious & powerful is my world,
My senses growing
My awareness expanding
An irresistible urge
To know Thee,
Bathing in Her waters
That can no longer carry me
I feel a desire
That is new to me.
The urge to see
The urge to be
Independent of Thee.
Oh, and the sound of Her throbbing pulse
Is now expulsing me,
Floating in a river that is too big for me.
That mighty Love
Carrying me
From place to place
From now to next,
In search of Thee...
In the recess of my mind
In the darkness of my soul
In the secrecy of the womb.

(© Marianne Simonin - 2010)

Kamakhya Devi - Assam 
( photo © Marianne Simonin - 2009)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Promises in the dark

.....Blue Moon.....

What a great way to start the New Year with a Blue Moon!.   I had a very nice celebration, and although I went to bed well past 3am,  I was still up quite early and spent January 1st all day in my studio, feeling inspired and energized, drawing, painting and listening to a lot of Spanish music.. it did remind me of my flamenco years.   As I drove home in the evening, I moticed the moon for a split second between two rows of houses and couldn't believe its size and the intensity of its light!  I even thought for a moment that I was having a vision, but later it appeared again, bright and full, beautiful and magical!...   Once in a blue moon... indeed it is.. as the last time we had 13 moons in a year AND on New Year's eve, it was over 20 years ago...  
Back home I took a few photos as it was shining bright and high, right in front of the window of my sitting room.
I felt it as auspicious as well as the beginning of new directions, renewed energy and healing.  This year I would like to passionately follow my artistic and spiritual paths as ONE, paint at the feet of Ganga Devi, walks the streets of Kashi, learn sandhya-bhasa and meditate on the blue Hill..

kāmākhyāṁ kāmasampanāṁ kāmeśvarīṁ harapriyāṁ I
kāmanāṁ dehi me nityaṁ kāmeśvarī namostute II
kāmākhye varade devī nīla parvata vāsinī I
tvaṁ devī jagataṁ mātā yonimudre namostute II