Friday, 10 July 2009

३ देस ३ नाइट्स

3 Days ... 3 my studio.
Opening the new series about "Ganga".. searching for the right colour scheme... but red keeps re-appearing everywhere. RED is MAA .. but I will try to focus on a palette of jade and ochre.
I spent some time also drawing stone lingams from the Narmada river.... turning them at times into the Cosmic egg, then back to their shapes.. very meditative..

Hommage to Lord Shiva with this little painting!

Now back at home.... back in front of the computer finalizing my partner Alessandro's website, in order for people to start booking trekkings with him in October. I hope one day to discover also the Himalayas, this region is calling me but I am not sure that I have the stamina for high altitude! Shankara will decide for me....

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