Monday, 10 August 2009

The small black goat of Kamakhya

I drew a sheep... in my mind I wanted to draw a goat but I drew a sheep.

.... the small black goat of Kamakhya, how much I have observed her!... sheltered against the wall of the temple, warming up by the light of ghee lamps burning at her hooves. Sitting on the silent steps opposite, under a moonless night, I watched the heat, the flames, the fire under the belly of this small black goat creating gigantic shadows on the wall... I thought of sacrifice, life and death just by watching the shadows of this small black goat of Kamakhya...
In the darkness of this precinct, I could only see three colours: black, ochre and red.. MAA!
...but this morning in my studio I drew a sheep next to a small tree... why? as I looked around I then became aware that its skull was already on my wall, attached to the branch of a tree.. This beautiful skull that I found ten years ago in Wales while walking in the meadows... I often wandered what this creature looked like when it was alive?? the drawing was my answer.

... this morning I drew a sheep.. tomorrow I will return to Kamakhya.

"The skull from Wales"

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