Saturday, 2 January 2010

Promises in the dark

.....Blue Moon.....

What a great way to start the New Year with a Blue Moon!.   I had a very nice celebration, and although I went to bed well past 3am,  I was still up quite early and spent January 1st all day in my studio, feeling inspired and energized, drawing, painting and listening to a lot of Spanish music.. it did remind me of my flamenco years.   As I drove home in the evening, I moticed the moon for a split second between two rows of houses and couldn't believe its size and the intensity of its light!  I even thought for a moment that I was having a vision, but later it appeared again, bright and full, beautiful and magical!...   Once in a blue moon... indeed it is.. as the last time we had 13 moons in a year AND on New Year's eve, it was over 20 years ago...  
Back home I took a few photos as it was shining bright and high, right in front of the window of my sitting room.
I felt it as auspicious as well as the beginning of new directions, renewed energy and healing.  This year I would like to passionately follow my artistic and spiritual paths as ONE, paint at the feet of Ganga Devi, walks the streets of Kashi, learn sandhya-bhasa and meditate on the blue Hill..

kāmākhyāṁ kāmasampanāṁ kāmeśvarīṁ harapriyāṁ I
kāmanāṁ dehi me nityaṁ kāmeśvarī namostute II
kāmākhye varade devī nīla parvata vāsinī I
tvaṁ devī jagataṁ mātā yonimudre namostute II


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