Friday, 29 January 2010

Red Mars - White Moon


Red is Shakti - White is Shiva

What a beautiful sight tonight in the sky!!

Mars -  a planet with a very powerful influence
(I know as I am strongly affected by it according to my jyotish chart! hence I make a point of paying my respect to the mangala yantra on my shrine every Tuesday)

The Moon - eternally beautiful, enigmatic.

RED Mars + WHITE Moon against BLACK Night

Black - Blue Black - deep Prussian Blue - one of my favourite colour in painting...the colour of Kali!

May this sky be auspcious to all those who took the time to raise their head on this cold wintery night of January.

This is a couple of shots that I tried to take with my broken camera, they are shaky and Mars looks more purple than red... but I still like them!

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